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At Home Source Builders we take your project seriously! Time and again we've proven that innovative design, represented by professionally executed plans, is the single most important key to the success of any building or alteration project. The level of planning during the design phase, coupled with easy to read, well organized construction documents, will invariably be reflected in the construction phase and ultimately the finished project. This can mean the difference between a poorly executed project, plagued with time, cost over-runs and misunderstandings or a project that runs smoothly, is professionally managed and results in an excellent final product!

Custom Built Homes
Home Additions
Re-Imagined Homes

A custom home is something most people plan for and dream about for many  years. With that in mind, it's vitally important to find a home builder that can share in  your vision. One that can effectively use his  design flexibility and professional project management skills to coordinate a first rate team of experienced contractors and suppliers. Ultimately using these resources to produce a top quality, custom built home!


Our approach is simple. We work closely with each client from the initial concept, through the design phase, then through project completion. In this way we can achieve a level of personal attention you can't get from a tract or custom builder who throws up 30 - 40 or more homes each year. By executing the design of each project "in house" we can fully understand what the client is after down to the last detail, while keeping an experienced eye on projected costs during this important phase and before construction begins! 

We use the same simple, but effective approach to our home addition projects as our custom built homes. As a small, locally owned company, we can achieve a level of personal attention that is unmatched by our competitors.


"A relationship of trust naturally emerges from the initial collaboration between the client and myself as the project's designer. The knowledge gained about the client and his or her family's wants and needs while executing the project's design is very important! When the time comes to take on the role as the builder, this knowledge helps assure a smooth transition into the construction phase and on through project completion." A proven approach, that has been very successful in achieving a certain comfort level, for both our new home and addition\renovation clients!

What is a re-imagined home? Well it can be many things. You've probably seen HGTV's Property Brothers or Fixer Upper. In that same tradition we can help you find the perfect fixer home and custom re-design it to fit you and your family's lifestyle and tastes! You buy the property - we'll do the rest! Whether the home simply needs a few updates and a new paint job or an extensive re-design with a new layout, new kitchen, bathrooms and a new family room addition! That's a re-imagined home!


Still another perfect example would be the alterations/renovations you've been wanting for your existing home. Maybe your dreaming of a gorgeous new front porch, fantastic basement entertaining space, or a beautiful new kitchen expansion and update. We'll make it happen! That's your home...Re-Imagined!

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